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Unik Impact: There was a North!

I have tried to wrap my head around the awful images of school kids ‘who by the way aren’t being given any form of education- posing with political banners on the streets of Kano, and for a second, l didn’t come to view it as just child abuse.


Children are abused everyday in our society. The  streets of Northern Nigeria are crime scenes of child abuse. The apprehension and worry l have suggest that my conscience must be responding to something much more fundamental, sinister, and savage than the nominal child abuse we are all accustomed to now.


I am afraid this is the end of decency as we know it and the birth of ultra anarchy in our social order. It is bad enough that the children of the elite (both politcal, business and intellectual) don’t attend public schools no more. Just as it is a disaster that these children of nobodys who attend these ‘schools’ learn nothing to ever dream of becoming anything in the future. One had felt the ongoing genocide in education is both complete and very effective. Not after today. Not anymore


This new low is as rock bottom flat as it is a deep insight into the contemptuous, selfish and elementary mindset of the culprits and their elite accomplices


Today in our society, any materially dispossesed adult is a potential political thug, just like the majority of his/her unemployed and unemployable younger generation among the youth. The Almajiri child is long initiated. It is now the turn of those supposedly under our protection, care and moral custody to face the streets and fight our political wars


There was a North, and Kano used to be its beautiful bride!